42 words should do it

  • 06:40:42 am on January 29, 2008 | 1

    What’s Web2.0? Web3.0? What you see here is very very very much like what we used to do with teletype in Telco … “order wires” … that was early 70s! *wh000t!*

    I just created a page for this blog … no sign of it. As I feared.
    In my LJ I blogged about this theme and how it should have at least a sidebar. (I’ve updated this; sidebar can be configured in Admin.)



  • bentrem 1:24 pm on January 29, 2008 | # | Reply

    Ok, I was going to call this a mulligan.
    Since the theme is intended to show only the most recent post from each contributor, its behavior is quite correct.

    The sidebar is there now, configured to carry Pages, so that’s good.
    But I cannot get the Pages to display. When I select “About” all I get is my most recent post, not the text I put in that page.

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