42 words should do it

  • 01:25:35 pm on January 30, 2008 | 1

    As I wrote in my comment on Scott’s blog:

    Display pages – check
    Display posts by category – check
    Display page posts on mainpage – checkOh, wait … I’m seeing 2 of the items I posted to MainPage.
    Isn’t the paradigm “Show only the most recent post from each contributer”?
    If MainPage carries most recent posts from other pages, I think that’s pretty keen.
    But I don’t understand why post #5 is being displayed. It should be bumped off by #9, if I understand the logic.

    p.s. “title” data is still underutilized; I’m not suggesting it be displayed on mainpage, but since it’s handy to have for display in sidebar, I think it should be included in the post form. FWIW, of course. 😉

    “Categories” are really handy for sorting, whereas “tags” are *cough* more/less kinda just fun.
    RFE: Allow selection of Category in post form.
    p.s.2: I just checked, and the blockquote is still in place here. It displays properly in the WYSIWYG pane. But not on the page.
    RFE: Allow full display of posts’ presentation markup.



  • bentrem 1:26 pm on January 30, 2008 | # | Reply

    Ayup, the logic’s broken: MainPage is showing all of my posts … not refined (“Show posts to other pages”); just broken.

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